Monday, September 12, 2005

and the sellout begins...

Hurricane Season,
Michael Brown had better put on his Kelvar undies, 'cause he's starting look like he might just have a real pretty mouth soon. Never mind who's decision it was to put an unqualified country club buddy in charge of FEMA, yet another administrator is about to be sacrificed for the Bush Corporation's own massive incompetence. How do I know? Check out the Mayor of New Orleans, a Democrat, talking up what a swell guy Dubya is, and how he was no doubt mis-informed!:
"I think he was probably getting advice from some of his key advisers or some low level folk that had been on the ground that this was serious, but not as serious as it ended up being," he said.
"Key Advisors". One guess as to who that might be. If Brown isnt enough, who will be next up on the alter? Chertoff sounded pretty bad in the interview I heard on NPR; will blaming Brown cover his ass as well as Bush's? Of course, as director of Homeland Security perhaps he wont have to worry about that. After all, the Patriot Act has returned him all the same tools J. Edgar Hoover used so effectively, plus lots of new ones. I'm sure he can come up with some sort of answer that will allow him to maintain his office, even if brought before the Supreme Court.
And what's up with the Mayor? Wouldnt you love to see what BushCo's got on him in their files (and know where they got them - oops! sorry, that's classified). Or has the mayor has merely realized that his job there in NOLA is all but finished, so he's casting his net for a nice shark to feed from. Oh dear, there goes that cynicism again, sorry. I'm sure it's simply a case of him thinking more clearly now that the crisis has receded with the flood waters, "sorry, Mr. President! Got a little carried away there, my bad!"

Or maybe, just maybe, this is the BushCorp testing the waters:
"Hey, let's give Brown to the mob, maybe that'll be enough for them!"
"What the hell, it cant hurt, we'll give it a try."
With an approval rating of around 38%, people are probably starting to get a little worried in the White House. Who to feed to the public next, what "deviant" issue can we distract the public with now (the California gay marriage thing was barely noticed), is there any upcoming crisis that can be used to declare marshal law? These are all questions that someone will be asking there. Things may even get so bad that they may have to consider doing something that the public, rather than ideology, dictates.

Whoops! sorry, lost my head there for a moment.

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