Wednesday, September 28, 2005

eh, what, huh, oh... good...go'way, m'sleepin'

Just a quickie here, no bitterness, really. But if the country, and especially Texas, is lucky, Tom DeLay is goin' down, baby.

Dont hold your breath, though.

By the way, Tree Story is a Goddess. Why cant all teaching-think be centered around kids!

Plus, read this scary Cold War story I should have passed along last Monday (thanx to Worldchanging, by way of Dave in Australia) .

Then, information is starting to come out that New Orleans was not the Wild West Show that the press was making it out to be. Read this lovely article by Jarvis Deberry about "thieves" helping out old people at a nursing home. (props to Steve McClure, via David Brin).

Okay, last thing, I swear: God may be hazardous to your Societal health. (thanks to Ran Prieur)


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daveawayfromhome said...

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