Sunday, September 04, 2005

Just one view from the inside

Faiza is the mother of a family of bloggers from Baghdad. She has appearantly left Iraq recently, the last straw being the abduction of her son, Khalid.
She has a very low opinion of the current process of drafting the new Iraqi constitution. Most of her concern revolves around the American interference. I myself have questions about the reports that we recieve even here in America. For instance, why are there "deadlines" that "must" be met for completing it? Why do pundits and officials keep talking about elements that could be included in the draft but "shouldnt", such as creating a tripartite federation in Iraq? Shouldnt these questions be left to the Iraqis?

Additionally, her son Raed posts a piece of information on the recent tragedy on the bridge in Baghdad that I hadnt heard from the news (though he cant do it without first pooh-poohing the New Orleans tragedy as compared to the ongoing situation in Baghdad). According to Rael, the bridge where the stampede occured was the only open bridge to a shrine which thousands of people were making a pilgrimage to. I have to wonder if American ignorance (or prejudice) led to the closing of the bridges (even during a time of pilgimage), and so to the deaths. No doubt Security will be cited, but Americans do not make pilgrimages like Muslims do, and few can conceive of thousands of people walking to a single place at the same time. (A visual helper: Imagine the Million Man March, and then imagine that it's moving.)

Finally, a caution: This is, of course, the Internet. You can find almost anything on it. Some of it it true, some of it is definitely not. I dont know whether these people are real, or some sort of propaganda machine cooked up by "anti-American" forces. I do, however, believe that it is real. Just as in religion, Faith must substitute for Fact here. And like religion, my faith does not diminish yours.

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