Wednesday, September 21, 2005

sick day

My head hurts, and I havent got much to say, having pretty much shot my wad in David Brin's comments today, so I'll just pass on this link to a speech John Kerry gave at Brown University (props to RudePundit, who gets moved to permanent status today). In it, Kerry outlines the problems he has with the BushCorp.
Compare with this speech by Dubya where he talks of the destruction of New Orleans and pledges to do better next time. Read them, really read them both. Notice any differences, other than what they're talking about, maybe something in tone or emotional content or syntax or anything. Not really? Maybe you do, but I dont, not really.
Know why? Because it's all just words. Dubya couldnt talk straight to save his mother's life, and Kerry's a failed member of a failing Party.
Just once, I'd like for Bush to Do What He Said, instead of some horrible parody of what he said that ends up screwing poor working people, or giving more money to Halliburton, or twisting morallity or ethics around to fit his sick blindered worldview.
Just once, then again and again and again, I'd like John Kerry to say, "Yes, sorry, I screwed up! I jumped on the invasion bandwagon, and I should have known better. I'll try not to do it again." Imagine the novelty! A politician who admits his mistakes. Wouldnt that be something!

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