Thursday, September 01, 2005

well, obviously they deserved it

oh look, a cute little baby destroying an American Sodom and Gamorrha!  How sweet! At least, that's according to one Christian organization. In an e-mail received by Eve's Apple New Orleans is merely paying for it's unGodly crimes. Yep, abortion clinics, homosexual gatherings, jazz. It's all right there in New Orleans, or was until this week.
Seriously, what is the matter with these people? They sure arent my mother's Christians. The lesson that I remember most from church was that of the Casting of the First Stone. Judgment is reserved for God, as I recall.
Personally, I like to think that God, whatever form He may take, would be less petty than any human being, including, say for instance, myself. That He would not crush lesser beings simply because they displeased him. Such behavior would certainly provoke fear, but unless Might Makes Right, then it would only qualify to produce the Worship of a Bully.
I left the fold of the Church because I could not stand to see the hypocrisy in so many of it's members. I sometimes think, "if only God would come down and explain things, preferably in a parental-spanking kind of way, to these folks." Of course, he hasnt, any more than than he has punished "sinners". My little wish is a human wish. I am not God. I have opinions on the subject, but no one has anything like Truth to offer, only Faith. And however powerful faith may be, your right to swing your faith ends at the tip of my nose. You are not God either.
Katrina is no more God's wrath than is the death of anyone who has been mourned with the cry, "why must the good die young?" They mustnt die young, any more than sinners must. And if there is a plan, how arrogant is it to assume that you know what that plan is, in any detail?

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