Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Okay, one month ago, I started this blog (for all intents and purposes, anyway). It wasnt much, just a rant about BushCorp announcing support for teaching "Intelligent Design" in American science classrooms. It wasnt a long rant, and since I hadnt learned any HTML yet, it had no links. But it was a start.
From those humble beginnings I've come so far... okay, maybe not so far.
I'm just having fun. It'd be nice if I thought that someone was reading these, but I know no one is but a few family members (and Homeland Security, of course)(Hi boys!) I'm going to keep on doing this, though. In time, if I feel my writing skills are consistantly up to an acceptable level, then I may start inviting friends to look this over (that seems weirdly egotistical, though; "Hey Y'all, come read my rants!")
I'd like to extend my thanks to David Brin, whose blog was in the right place at the right time to inspire me. Also, I'd like to thank and apologise to my wife, who I know is getting tired of me spending half my time at the computer and the other half trying to get her to discuss politics. And I'd like to apologise to my brother, who informs me that he never voted for BushCo.

By the way, I know the Democratic Party deserves a good rant or three also, but the Neo-Cons just make it so darn easy for me to concentrate on them first. Maybe in October I'll get to them, but I see a busy month ahead for the GOP.

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Dave said...

I'm reading this, Dave!

(No, it's not Dave posting a comment on his own blog, it's a different Dave with a different blog who also reads Dave Brin's excellent blog. And if that's not confusing then I'm doing something wrong.)

So consider yourself linked, for the courtesy of linking me. Being on the other side of the world, I don't quite get all your GOP/Dem stuff, but I have watched The West Wing. Our parties here would be recognisable to you. They're basically identical to each other as well, except that one of them is a little easier to hate than the other.

So, yeah, keep the rants coming!