Thursday, September 29, 2005

We're NOT havin' a heat wave, we're NOT havin' a heat wave

this is a high temperature forecast for September 29th, 2005 from Intellicast.comLook at that! Isnt it beautiful. Light red! No dark red, no purple! I can smell cool air drifting across my nose from the breeze coming through the windows, which are open in the middle of the day! It's so wonderful. Of course I know it'll be over soon, back up to 90° by the weekend. But today, GLORY!
Plus, I've been able to use the kitchen without making the house intolerable for the rest of the day (anything above 90° and the AC can no longer cope - rental house!) . Knowing that the cool wont last, I might have gone a wee bit overboard, fixing a tuna casserole, a batch of baked spaghetti, some of my famous Beans & Weenies (famously reviled by the Other), and a batch of Gumbo (from a Tony Chachere mix - must support Louisiana business). The Other will probably be irritated, if not seriously annoyed, and the kids wont eat half of what I fixed, but dammit, I'm enjoying myself.
Summer wipes me out, and it lasts six months in this damn state. It may only be gone for a day, but I'm going to enjoy that day.

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