Tuesday, September 20, 2005

to the Mooon, Alice!

Hooray! We're going to the Moon!

And about freakin' time, too.

I could spend a lot of time setting up links to artickles which describe NASA's program and making descriptions for those links, but that seems kind of silly when Dave in Australia's done such a good job of it. I'd rather spend my time blathering on about how cool it is to be going to the moon again! Of course, my excitement is tempered by the fact that we have both NASA (not the best run organization in the government) and the BushCorp making the decision. Then again, Dubya needs a distraction (is he getting desperate for them? What happened to Mars?), and NASA's presence is inevitable, unless you really believe a no-immediate-profit venture like this can succeed (in America) anytime soon (and I dont). In Dave's links you'll find people who think it's a big waste of money, who think it could be done much better (by either NASA and/or private interests). These points are good, but irrelevant to a National Space Program. A National Space Program is not really about getting to the moon (though the members of NASA probably think it is), but about showing up other nations, grabbing prestige, and maybe a bit of real estate (especially strategic real estate, which is getting harder and harder to grab these days).
Let me give an Image that may help with understanding International Politics: 7-year old boys. You've seen them in action. Naivité, bullying, hypocracy, chest-puffing, sudden blows followed by confusion at rejection (and vice-versa), taking insult at the littlest thing; and then, out of the blue sudden moments of tenderness and generosity. Now think about BushCo. See what I mean.
But not just Dubya and his Posse, think Middle East, think Russia, think France, think China and Tiawan, think the Koreas - little boys all!
We want to go to the Moon! Just like all little boys do, 'cause it's so damn cool, 'cause the other boys will be sooo jealous, 'cause then it'll be ours!
I want to go to the Moon! Just like all little boys do, 'cause it's so goddamn cool, 'cause the other boys will be sooo jealous, 'cause then it'll be Mine!

And most of all, 'cause it's up there, laughin' at me.

Nyah, nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah.

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Anonymous said...

How would you know what the moon looks like these days? It's too hot here to even go outside in the evening.