Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reason no.58 why I need to get back to school and get a new job

Tonight, I'm sitting in the breakroom with 3 other fellow employees, when the Boss comes through on his way home. Passing two of the 4 people in the room, he tosses down two Hershey's Nuggets, then he comes to me, and drops one. He stops, and you can see the arm doing that little hesitant motion that means an internal discussion is going on, before he finally drops a second candy. I guess that means I'm not totally on his Shit List any more, but it seems to be a close run thing.
By the way, the Nuggets were of the Dark Chocolate with Almonds variety, one I've never seen before, and they were mighty tasty.
I love chocolate with almonds, but most days I really dont care for my job.

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