Thursday, September 08, 2005

now YOU can be the spook

This site is so damn cool, I gotta share it. I'm sure I'm not the first person to see one of these, but these are satellite images of the coast where Katrina hit. You have to pick your shot using a drawn map, rather than zoom in on a large photo, but it's still darn nifty!
Of course, I should maybe temper my enthusiasm (boy with new toy, sorry) with the sober statement that what you can see in these nifty shots is an astonishing level of destruction. Check out Biloxi, for instance. In the wake of the fiasco in N.O., most people have forgotten that the worst part of the storm, and its accompanying 30' surge, went through Mississippi. For an example, check out the blue building, at the top, in the middle, that's been moved out into the road. A whole building!

An Aside: If this is what the public can see, what do the government spy-sats show? Zowie!

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