Friday, September 23, 2005

Justice dies Pt.II

Well, it's not like it's a big surprise or anything. John G. Roberts was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Comittee, 13 to 5. He made it through the committee without answering any questions of any substance (except one about a favorite movie, which wasnt actually a question)(Dr. Zivago, in case you're wondering). Democrats on the committee who voted were appearantly voting on the side of Hope. They might as well have, since the GOP majority will confirm Roberts regardless of Democratic views. It's probable that Leahy and the others voted for Roberts (who is replacing a Conservative Justice anyway) so that later, when they vote against whichever wacko BushCo sends to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor they can say, "hey, we're not obstructionists, some of us voted for your last boy, didnt we".
"Wacko"? OK, maybe not. But you can bet your ass it wont be a centrist. The name Alberto "DungeonMaster" Gonzales keeps popping up, but that's probably a red herring. The Republicans are pushing the Democrat's buttons, keeping them yapping and salivating over the thought of a "Torturer" for the Supreme Court, and making sure the Asses look every bit the over-reacting bozos the GOP has made them out to be. As, still, the BushCorp sails on through their Delusional Ocean:
Manuel Miranda, former counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said Bush has plenty of political capital to have a strong judicial conservative, especially after his address to the nation on Hurricane Katrina and the liberals' "embarrassing cry-wolf effort against the telegenic [John] Roberts," Bush's nominee to replace the late Chief Justice Rehnquist (from the equally delusional Fox News)
"Political Capital"? Okay, I guess if you can call 51% of the Popular Vote a "mandate", you can call a 38% Approval Rating "political capital". (or has the public grown so used to the Bullshit that no one bothers to call them on anything anymore). (and did he really describe Roberts as "telegenic".)
Thank God structural engineers dont use Republican mathematics when bulding stuff, though.
Anyway, stay tuned. Roberts is essentially in. To be honest, if Bush wanted to re-nominate Robert Bork he could probably get him confirmed, too. Watch for the upcoming Girlfight in the Senate for O'Conner's replacement. This stuff really ought to be on UPN.

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