Sunday, September 04, 2005

how to catch a fly (well, maybe)

this little piece is from a much larger piece at Milan's Daily:

"When a housefly lands on a surface, do not infect your brain with any of hatred, frustration, or pity. Assume a cold, calculating mode. Remind yourself that you are doing this just because you can. Alternatively, you can adopt the Matrix philosophy and chant on: 'There's no housefly.' However, I doubt that you'll look cool with that chant, because:
  1. you're not Neo
  2. you dont have cool shades
  3. Neo is too cool to be bothered by flies, and
  4. There IS a housefly.
When you have calmed your mind, and that your intentions are not impured by your emotions, lower your cupped palm on the surface near the fly, although sufficiently far enough so that it does not realize that it is about to get Schnooked. You are now going to sweep across the surface, and jerk your palm fully closed just as you are about to touch the fly. Almost always, it will notice your movement, and will take a flight. Therefore, you should estimate the displaced position the fly will be in."

I just thought it was funny.

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