Thursday, September 08, 2005


I'd like to extend a hearty welcome to Dave in Australia. Dave is the third actual human being to make a comment on my blog, and the first non-family person to link my blog (2 now! 2!! Woo-hoo!) I encourage you to read Dave's blog, Sympathetic Stupid. It's both funny and informative, a lot like I'd like my own blog to be if I werent so caught up in my addiction to political ire. I'm only sorry that my own link to his blog (now definitely moved to a permanent link spot) wont be producing much readership in return (except maybe the boys from Homeland Security).
I'd also like to extend my confusion to coturnix, who sent me this rather cryptic comment.
WordPad is your friend. Blogger also has a new feature that you can install into your MSWord to publish directly from your word file into Blogger.
At first I thought that it was spam that had penetrated the security, but when I traced the sender it led me to Science and Politics, another blog I like and which is also in my links. I'm confused now, and dont know if coturnix is just weird, or trying to tell me something about my spelling. Or maybe he just really likes Wordpad.

addendum @ 9:30 a.m.: Dave just pointed out to me that coturnix was probably trying to save me the trouble of losing my work by composing on WordPad first. (Boy, do I feel stupid). Actually, when I write an entry at work, I do it that way ('cause I'll do it a sentence or phrase at a time over a whole shift)(plus management watches Net activity), but it doesnt work as well for the links, which is the part I really mind losing (I'm full of words, obviously, but the links take work).


Dave said...

Yo Dave, mad props for tha welcome! (Nah, I don't really know how hip-hop language works but I'm happy to use it anyway.) And remember, it's not really about readership, it's about writership. I'd just be one of those guys ranting on street corners otherwise.

On coturnix's comment. I reckon he was actually helping you avoid losing all your work when writing insurrectionary posts about the US overnment-gay (sssh, they're listening). But maybe he's just a Microsoft fanboy.

daveawayfromhome said...

Yeah, the writing thing resonates with me. I've told maybe four people about the blog, I mostly do it because it's so much fun.
As for the Word thing being good for losing what I wrote: Oh, duh! Stupid me. I may have to try that.

coturnix said...

Yup, that was my motivation. I recently downloaded BloggerforWord ( and I am very happy with it at home. At work I use Text Editor (on a Mac) or WordPad (on a PC). Haven't lost a post in many months (and until recently most of my posts were 4000+ words!).